Reg Fowler – Celebration of Life

“Because someone we love is in heaven, there’s a little bit of heaven in our home”.

It was on a sunny afternoon in August of 1994, that we first met Reg Fowler at the entrance of Angela Court.  Rather a big set man of a tanned complexion and a countrified farmer look with a beaming smile. A man of very few words but one you took to immediately!  Within minutes of meeting him, my wife and he seemed to be planning how one could enhance the already beautiful garden laid to lawn and bordered by huge variety of shrubs and trees ….. we had only visited Angela Court to view a prospective business!

Reg joined Angela Court in June of 1986 after leaving Miller & Lilley and stayed until his untimely death in November of 2017.  He had been a wonderfully loyal and extremely hard working member of a team of people who have over the years provided care of the elderly for the local community.

Over the many years, Reg tended to the gardens with so much love, knowledge and effort that every blade of grass and every seedling he planted responded with as much affection in return by blossoming at the right time!  His skills as a magnificent all round gardener can be assessed all the way back from the first bought seeds in 1995 which produced the floral displays to date, not only for the home but for the Church of St John - each floral plant could be traced back to those seeds!

His understanding that his garden added so much quality to the lives of the people living at Angela Court oozed him with pride and gave him that energy to work tirelessly for all those years ... until the very last day of his life. His quiet and calm demeanor made him a favourite amongst everyone that lived and visited the home.  This was so evident by the large presence of past and current team members of Sundial Nursing Home to bid this wonderful man farewell.

A true gentleman, who will be truly missed.


Prakash Dewani

Owner, Sundial Nursing Home

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