The Concept of Identity

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and today we’re honoring it by looking at the concept of identity and what this means to people living with a Dementia. Developmental psychologist, Erik... Read more

Smiles at Sundial

National Mentoring Month Ask anyone at Sundial and they will tell you the day usually starts with a smile! Whilst any of the Sundial smiles can brighten up anyone’s day,... Read more

Valentine’s Day: A Story of 69 Years of Love

Valentine's Day at Sundial ‘Love is eternal’ is something you may hear certain romantics say. Certainly, Cupid, of classic mythology and the ancient roman god of all things love has... Read more

International Youth Day: Beryl Tasker

The 12th August marks the International Youth Day and while this annual celebration isn’t necessarily something you’d associate with Sundial Care Home, (although many of our family members may attest... Read more

Sonia with Poppy Box and Collection Tn

Sundial Care Home’s Sonia Benton on Remembering & Honouring Those Who Gave Their Lives in the Armed Forces.

Sonia Benton, 91 years young, is just one of the fascinating people who live at Sundial Care Home in Tipton St. John who value the importance of Remembrance Day. The... Read more

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day at Sundial Care Home

Karen Tidy - Carer of People, Rhymer of Words October 3rd was the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day and the theme of this year’s literacy celebration was ‘Truth.’ Karen... Read more

Gwen and Muriel’s Story of Friendship

Companionship is important no matter where you live which is why the story of Gwen York and Muriel Sleep’s friendship is inspiring. Gwen York moved to Sundial Care Home in... Read more

Burns Night at Sundial

Burns Night has become a nationwide celebration, devoted to haggis, poetry, a drop of whisky, and of course pays homage to the late, great Robert Burns. Sundial Care Home embraced... Read more

A Bard’s View on Sundial

April is Poetry Month, at least in the USA. Over here we tend to join in but maintain our British feeling of literary superiority because our lists of poems and... Read more