The Concept of Identity

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and today we’re honoring it by looking at the concept of identity and what this means to people living with a Dementia. Developmental psychologist, Erik... Read more

Sundial’s Gardens in Bloom

Warmer Months at Sundial Spring and Summer at Sundial Care Home is when the outside of the home comes alive. As the warmer months reveal the gardens in all their... Read more

Sundial Care Home Prepares for National Fishing Month

It might not be cool, like virtual games, but fishing is still Britain’s most popular leisure activity and is now worth over £3bn a year. National Fishing Month starts on... Read more

VE Day Celebrations at Sundial

May marked Mental Health Awareness week, for which the theme was kindness. This is apt of our experiences at Sundial over the last couple of months. We’d like to take... Read more

Sonia with Poppy Box and Collection Tn

Sundial Care Home’s Sonia Benton on Remembering & Honouring Those Who Gave Their Lives in the Armed Forces.

Sonia Benton, 91 years young, is just one of the fascinating people who live at Sundial Care Home in Tipton St. John who value the importance of Remembrance Day. The... Read more

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who recently celebrated Mothering Sunday! We had a wonderful day here at Sundial Care Home. We had so many beautiful bunches of flowers delivered from... Read more

The Magic of Music: Sundial Care Home, Devon

The Power of Music in Dementia Care There is power in music. Revolutionaries have used music as a platform to convey messages of change, during periods of civil and societal... Read more