Devon Care Home

Companionship is important no matter where you live which is why the story of Gwen York and Muriel Sleep’s friendship is inspiring.

Gwen York moved to our Devon Care Home, Sundial in October 2018 and immediately felt at home from the first visit however felt like she was missing a ‘partner in crime,’ someone who really shared the same interests as her.

As luck would have it, Muriel Sleep moved into Sundial at the very end of December 2018 and was on the lookout for a new friend. “I was nervous when I first arrived, but I latched on to Gwen straight away” laughs Muriel and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The two get to share all their moments together, big or small. Whether it be painting their nails with the care team or the flamboyant occasion when on Tuesday 15th January, what would’ve been Gwen’s 69th wedding anniversary, she was sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her bridesmaid Eileen. Eileen has fulfilled this tradition for the past 19 years, ever since Gwen’s husband sadly passed away. They never fail to make Gwen (and now Muriel) smile.

The two ladies, self-titled ‘troublesome twos’, are the perfect testimony of the importance of friendship, and how solid bonds can still be made when in a care home. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the ladies at Sundial, and their comradery is contagious. The friends do everything together, and especially love doing word games and cross words which are a firm favourite at Sundial, “Muriel is my A-game, she’s better than me at the games” chuckled Gwen.

A testimony of true friendship.