World Alzheimer’s Month: Snowdon Climb Fundraiser

The central support team for Sundial Care Home, Devon have raised £1500 climbing the tallest peak in England and Wales in aid of Alzheimer’s awareness. The team who are a... Read more

World Alzheimer’s Day: Let’s talk about Loneliness

The 21st of September is World Alzheimer’s Day, and the 2020 theme is, ‘Let’s talk about Dementia.’ Research has shown that people who live with a dementia are at a... Read more

International Youth Day: Beryl Tasker

The 12th August marks the International Youth Day and while this annual celebration isn’t necessarily something you’d associate with Sundial Care Home, (although many of our family members may attest... Read more

Sundial Care Home Prepares for National Fishing Month

It might not be cool, like virtual games, but fishing is still Britain’s most popular leisure activity and is now worth over £3bn a year. National Fishing Month starts on... Read more

VE Day Celebrations at Sundial

May marked Mental Health Awareness week, for which the theme was kindness. This is apt of our experiences at Sundial over the last couple of months. We’d like to take... Read more

Jeremy Vine explores the past with Sundial Care Home

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live in a nursing home in Devon, then look no further than Jeremy Vine’s Facebook Page. The BBC Radio 2... Read more

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: An Anxious Perspective

I’m not good enough. Why did I do that? I’m wasting your time. What I’ve done is rubbish. I’ve done it wrong. They don’t believe me. Why did I say... Read more

Sonia with Poppy Box and Collection Tn

Sundial Care Home’s Sonia Benton on Remembering & Honouring Those Who Gave Their Lives in the Armed Forces.

Sonia Benton, 91 years young, is just one of the fascinating people who live at Sundial Care Home in Tipton St. John who value the importance of Remembrance Day. The... Read more

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day at Sundial Care Home

Karen Tidy - Carer of People, Rhymer of Words October 3rd was the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day and the theme of this year’s literacy celebration was ‘Truth.’ Karen... Read more