Sundial Care Home, located in Tipton St John, recently welcomed Creative Minds Exmouth through their doors to host an afternoon full of creativity. Residents, who the home fondly refer to as family members, gathered in the dining room, that quickly turned into a buzzing hub of activity. As the afternoon progressed, the room continued to fill with laughter and conversation. Family members were encouraged to express themselves through artistic practice freely, creating an environment that was full of joy, laughter and social connection.

Catherine, Creative Minds Exmouth said “It was a buzzing dining room full of artists at Sundial Care Home. Each one so colourful and individual, well done everyone. Love that the maintenance man happened to be right there and able to give me permission to get the art work stuck up straight away, making a beautiful community art piece in the lounge!”.


Sundial Care Home recognises the significance of creative sessions in enhancing the well-being of its family members. These activities go beyond routine care, providing avenues for self-expression, social interaction, and a sense of accomplishment. The art session with Creative Minds Devon not only brightened their day, but also left a lasting impact, creating positive emotions and a symbol of unity within the community.

As Sundial Care Home continues to prioritize holistic well-being, events like these reaffirm the importance of incorporating creative and engaging activities into the daily lives of residents. The success of the art session is a testament to the positive influence of artistic expression in creating a vibrant and enriching living environment for all.