Devon Care HomeIt might not be cool, like virtual games, but fishing is still Britain’s most popular leisure activity and is now worth over £3bn a year. National Fishing Month starts on 21st July and runs to the end of August.

But not everyone can go outside and fish when they want to. As many as 850,000 people have dementia in the UK and for those living with this, there are safer alternatives to standing on a river bank.

Fishing games, like the one pictured above, still need careful hand/eye co-ordination, but are free of the risks usually associated with waterside angling. A Gloucestershire based company, Educational Advantage, make the Giant Fishing game, pictured, and are excited to be supplying innovative games for the young and old, alike, in 65 countries around the World.

Isobel is 97 years old living at our Devon Care Home and used to enjoy fishing when she lived in the Bahamas in the 1950s. She loved the game and thought it would be perfect for everybody in the Home, but in particular with anyone living with dementia.

Nationally, the popularity for National Fishing Month is boosted by thriving fish populations in rivers that are getting steadily cleaner. The Environment Agency says angling attracts around 2 million people a year. Benefits include strengthening family bonds, boosts to the immune system through increased vitamin D and improved cardiovascular health whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

The only downside that could be seen at Sundial Care Home staff, is that despite being fun to play, the taste of plastic fish does not really improve with the addition of garlic, lemon juice and chips.

Jerry Short, Evolve Care Group